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December 31

Exotic Toy Vault Opens In Pompano Beach

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Under brightly shining LED lights reflecting on smooth black glistening floors surrounded by signs and flags of some of the most iconic brands known to man, the centermost area of this facility is filled with a collection of beautifully maintained machinery. Some of which are the most sought after machines in the world. What type of machinery you ask? Automobiles. From vintage classics, muscle cars, and collectables, to the most powerful exotics of today. The Exotic Toy Vault houses them all, including the likes of Ferrari’s, Lamborghini’s, McLaren’s, Porsche’s, and more.

The facility was first designed for car owners who were short on parking spaces for their toys. The concept grew into an automotive themed social club with so much more to offer. The Exotic Toy Vault has quickly taken on the atmosphere of a fun place to go and hang out with like-minded individuals. With a car-centric mantra, customers and members are men and women of all ages who enjoy beautiful cars, racing, and the practicality of additional parking spaces. AJ Nassar, the Exotic Toy Vault’s founder and visionary, says “beyond the business aspect, my secondary reason for its creation was so members can have a place to meet and greet and have a great time together.” 

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The facility is state-of-the-art, electronically controlled, and highly secure. Which is a necessity for housing such valuable assets. During the planning AJ created a user-friendly facility giving tenants the confidence their precious vehicles are safe and secure while providing easy in-and-out access. With 17 cameras every person coming and going, including their license plate, is captured. Every storage bay is climate controlled and may be regulated directly from an app on the tenant’s smartphone. Access to the facility and the storage areas is also provided through the same app. To complement the friendly and functional attributes of the Exotic Toy Vault, there is also a full-time car detailer on site to give a full detail to anyone’s car or to just simply a fast wash and vacuum. This gentleman has a long-standing reputation in South Florida as “one of the best” car detailers around. 

The facility has five individual bays that can house from six to eight cars each. The eight-car configuration requires a two-car lift system and rents for $1,800 to $2,200 monthly depending on the utility arrangement with the tenant. The open parking/storage floor is located just off the Club area and is large enough to store up to 25 cars, where each individual’s car is parked next to others. This space rents for $429 per month with utilities included. Each tenant automatically becomes a social member and has full access to the Club area overseeing the center open storage floor. This space includes a 75-inch television, comfortable couch seating, refrigerator, restrooms, and a wine and liquor storage closet where members can store their own preferred beverage. The main attraction in the Club is a $75,000 state-of-the-art driving/racing simulator. This Virtual GT simulator offers drivers access to any race track in the world and all the various series of racing from Formula One to NASCAR to Sports GT road racing in virtually any type of race car. Strap yourself in to hone your driving skills while feeling the vibrations and sounds of the engines for a very life-like racing experience.

The social element provides a person with a get-away to be surrounded by beautiful cars and even some historic collectable motorcycles. Special events will also be taking place at the Exotic Toy Vault and they do not have to be automotive or racing related.  There will be special on-off single events, and there will be a designated evening for a series like Monday or Thursday night football. Currently, there is a Formula One U.S. Grand Prix viewing party being planned for the big race in October. On weekends, the Exotic Toy Vault is open to members to come and socialize, watch TV, practice on the Virtual GT driving simulator, take their cars out, or just hang enjoying their beverage of choice while getting their car detailed. 

The Exotic Toy Vault is conveniently located just off I-95 at 720 South Andrews Avenue in Pompano Beach between Atlantic Avenue and Cypress Creek Road. Additional information is available at exotictoyvault.com or by calling (954) 495-2029.

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